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Hubei kaidi textile Co., LTD is a private joint-stock enterprise that was completed and put into operation in May 2004. After the completion of the company, the scale of the company has expanded year by year, and the second and third phases have been put into production. At the beginning of the company's production, it put forward the idea of ​​"people-oriented, quality-oriented, mutual benefit and win-win" and other humanistic connotations. After years of refining and accumulation, it gradually sublimated into the corporate culture and became a powerful spiritual force to promote the healthy development of enterprises and employees.
The corporate culture of Kaidi Company is based on the values ​​of doing business, seeking development, contributing to society, realizing the greatest value of life, including the ideals, responsibilities, dedication, competition, innovation, etc. of individuals and enterprises. The company's fundamental purpose of "revitalizing enterprises, affluent employees, and contributing to society". Under the guidance of corporate culture, it has formed a corporate atmosphere of dedication, gratitude and return, and strives for a first-class corporate atmosphere. It has laid the ideological foundation for Kaidi's road to prosperity, the road to success and the road to dedication, and clarified the development of enterprises and the labor of employees. The value of the place promotes the formation of employee value identity.
For many years, Kaidi has always adhered to the "people-oriented", regard employees as the most valuable wealth of the company, the most basic relying on strength, establish correct values, excellent talent concept and scientific development concept; pursue the maximization of life value, enterprise benefits Maximize the benefits of employees and shareholders. Realize the "two forces in one", that is, the unity of decision-making power and execution power, and create a kind of current situation, regardless of personal gains and losses, focusing on the overall interests and the spirit of working together. We always adhere to the employment standards of “loyal enterprise, work hard, be responsible, and proficient in business”, so that employees can fully enjoy the fruits of enterprise development, create a sense of belonging, and enhance the overall awareness of employees and enterprises.
Since the completion of the third phase of production last year, especially since the new chairman of the company, Yang Tangji, has been incorporated into corporate planning, focusing on corporate culture and sharing of values, increasing morale and combat effectiveness of enterprises and realizing culture. Shape people and promote corporate culture. First, timely improve various problems and standardize various management behaviors; second, focus on the actual situation of enterprises, focus on solving practical problems in development, and make corporate culture construction not only embody characteristics, but also be solid and effective; Organize the role and build a harmonious and stable, mutually beneficial and win-win enterprise labor relationship. Since the second half of last year, the average wage increase of employees has increased by 35.6%. The welfare benefits have been greatly improved, and housing and garages have improved significantly. Consolation and subsidies were also given to employees with special difficulties. Fourthly, management personnel management skills and staff skills training were strengthened to improve the overall quality and business level of employees.
In modern enterprises, organization is to control people, system is to bind people, and only culture affects people. Corporate culture has become a coagulant to enhance corporate cohesion. It is an essential form for the management of private enterprises in the era of knowledge economy. It is the gene for longevity of enterprises and the secret of the success of Kaidi.