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National Textile Industry Summit held in Xiqiao


National Textile Industry Summit held in Xiqiao

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On July 7th, the “National Textile Fabrics New Product and New Technology Release and Promotion Matchmaking/2017 Functional Textile Technology Summit Forum” with the theme of “Innovation Leading the Future” was held at the Xiyi Town Guoyi Resort Hotel. Relevant responsible persons of China Textile Industry Federation, China Textile Engineering Society, Guangdong Association of Science and Technology, Guangdong Textile Engineering Society, as well as clothing brands, independent designers, new products and technology related personnel in textile and garment industry, and responsible persons of textile fabric enterprises A total of 300 people attended the conference.
The event was jointly sponsored by China Textile Engineering Society, National Textile Fabrics Museum and Guangdong Textile Engineering Society. It plans to launch and promote this national-level platform by building new products and technologies of the National Textile Fabrics Pavilion to promote the majority of apparel brand enterprises and suppliers. Establish a good and orderly exchange of new products and technologies, guide new products and technologies to enter the market quickly, and promote the industrialization of new products and technologies.
At the same time, this conference is based on the theme of “Innovation Leading the Future”. It aims to jointly explore the direction of green innovation in the textile industry, promote the scientific, rational and standardized development of enterprise technology innovation, and gradually realize the goal of “green wisdom”.
At the press conference and summit forum, Fu Guangwei, executive vice president of China Textile Engineering Society and deputy director of China Textile Information Center, will give a keynote speech. The event will also focus on the release of new products and new technologies, research on functional textile technology, and hold many conferences, inviting well-known textile companies to focus on innovative environmental protection printing and dyeing technologies and functional products, clothing and textile fabric industry chain values. Deep analysis and speech.
In addition, the event will also organize new products and new technology release companies, national textile fabrics member companies, and 14 companies including Xixing, Liyi, Deyao, Huafeng, and Guankanglong. At the main venue, textile products were displayed, and more than 30 clothing brand companies were organized to communicate with the participating fabric companies.
The National Textile Fabric Pavilion Xixi Pavilion Open Day and the application seminar of clothing information standardization on the e-commerce platform will be held on the same day at the sub-conference venue Xiqiao Textile City Southern Technology Innovation Center.
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